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Junior Detectives! We’ve launched a brand new fan club. You’ll get access to the exclusive fan club page (password protected of course), plus offers that you will find nowhere else.

It costs just £5 to join for the year and choose a free gift from the following:
The Rock Went a Rolling CD
The Greatest Rescue EVER! CD
Pre-order of the Greatest Rescue Ever Family Show DVD
The Case of the Empty Tomb (book)
The Case of the Empty Tomb Case File
The Greatest Rescue EVER activity book

Just click on the PayPal button, fill in the details and you’ll be in.

Join the Fan Club!

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365 Investigations


Time to investigate…

Junior Detectives! We’ve got an investigation for you… 365 investigations in fact. We’re putting together a daily investigation for you and your family. If you follow it you’ll get through the entire New Testament and the Psalms in a year.

On each card you will find a Bible verse, a Truth and something to investigate. You can either read them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/inspectorsmart) or download the pdf. If you print the two back to back you’ll get a nice set of cards that you can keep.

Great to use around the dinner table. Read it, investigate it and pray about it.

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Free Resources

Dig Deeper fileDig Deeper Front Page

Have you got ‘The Greatest Rescue EVER’ CD? Want to get deeper into the Bible that we’re singing about? Download our ‘Dig Deeper file’ and find out more about Jesus and The Greatest Rescue Ever!

Dig Deeper booklet (for double sided printing)

Dig Deeper (for single sided printing)

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