The Topsy Turvy Kingdom

Welcome to the Jungles of Bible Land…

Deep in the heart of the jungle, Michael and his rag-tag band of explorers are on the hunt for the most wonderful kingdom that has ever been… the Topsy Turvy Kingdom!

With music written by Michael J Tinker and Tim Chester.

Touring as a live family show for all ages throughout the UK.
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This is Michael’s best album so far. He gets better and better! Meaningful lyrics, wonderful tunes, great production values and a large chunk of humour thrown in. Check out, ‘God’s Kingdom is here’ and ‘You are lovingly made’ for great songs you will sing along to and then turn to chat to your children about. We need great, Biblically rich songs to listen to in the car and in the kitchen that become part of the fabric of chaotic family life. Thank you Michael!
Ed Drew (Director of Faith in Kids)
Catchy, creative, and energetic – children will love adventuring with the host of characters in ‘The Topsy Turvy Kingdom’, all the while being pointed to the grace of Jesus Christ!
Gareth Loh (Awesome Cutlery)

The Show

The Story…

Deep in the heart of the jungle, Michael and his team are on yet another adventure. Rumour has it that a new King has arrived, and with him a Kingdom that looks so different that it seems back-to-front and upside-down. But where is this kingdom? Will their Bible-map help them find it? Can anyone become part of the Topsy Turvy Kingdom?

With the help of Archibald the Explorer, Dr Von Pomplenickel, Pierre the Chef and Mr Grumpy, Michael will take you on a voyage of discovery that might just change your life.

Join Michael and his raggle-taggle band of explorers as they go on a musical adventure through the gospels to discover… the Topsy Turvy Kingdom!


The Deal

We set the fee depending on the country and whether or not it’s one off show (contact us for details). The fee includes expenses. We normally ask for accommodation and a meal.

Michael brings all of his own props, AV equipment (for UK shows) and music. Advertising designs are also provided to churches. All we need from you is someone to run the merchandise store and some enthusiastic participants!

Statement of Faith

We ask that host churches have or are able to agree to the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith (found here). This reflects Michael’s own convictions and therefore the content of the show, and also ensures there is an alignment of purpose and belief between Michael and the host church.

If you find you are not able to agree to this, you are still very welcome to come to a show in your area and bring along whoever you would like!

The Album

The first album of this new Trilogy takes the listener on a journey through 15 songs and 11 episodes of drama all taken from the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

You’ll hear the story of Philip and Nathanael, you’ll find out what prayer is all about, you’ll encounter a Kingdom like no other, a Father who is always there for you and much, much more.

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The Interviews

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