Graduate Training Programme in Performing Arts Children’s Ministry

We’re very excited to be rolling out a brand new training programme, based in the Derbyshire, which aims to develop theologically-rich and highly creative teams sharing the gospel with children throughout the country and beyond.

We are looking for two individuals who have a background in music and/or acting to begin the course. We are also seeking to raise £55,000 which will fully fund our training programme for the first year, allowing us to begin to establish the ministry and develop streams of funding so that the work can continue long into the future.

The Vision

Our vision is to create a centre of excellence to help develop theologically informed and biblically equipped creative artists to reach children and families with the gospel. A centre where deep biblical theology is central, Jesus is honoured, and creativity is encouraged.

It’s a vision compelled by our conviction that, with the right support, we can empower and equip a new generation of artists to communicate the rich truths of the Bible to children and their families. With our theological and practical training approach this will encourage, enhance and support the mission of the wider local church, especially as those trained through the course not only serve the church in Derbyshire but are also sent to work in churches throughout the UK and beyond.

Michael already has a well-established work among primary schools (ages 4-11) where he is able to use his artistic skills to communicate the gospel. In fact, the door is open to over 50 schools in one region, with the potential to grow far beyond this network. This is the perfect training ground for growing a team of theologically astute professional actors and musicians while expanding the reach of the gospel. Michael’s wider ministry of producing media, touring live shows and writing material for Bible Clubs and summer camps gives an ideal opportunity for artists to develop and use their skills to share the gospel with families.

Without a supportive and visionary training scheme to enable and equip gifted actors and musicians, we risk losing capable gospel workers from this particular mission field. We believe that we have an obligation to train those with strong acting and musical gifts to deliver high-quality performing arts combined with deep biblical theology to children. 

The Four Year Course 

Our flexible programme will ensure that trainees who are experienced in performing arts receive excellent theological training that will help shape their particular skills and passions to the glory of God. To achieve this trainees will:

  1. Study through a three or four year theological distance learning course to gain a deep biblical framework that will inform their art (the four year course will lead to an MA)
  2. Engage in personal development and workshops provided by acting and music professionals
  3. Work alongside Michael in schools to directly apply their learning
  4. Have advanced involvement in shows and developing media appropriate to their skill set
  5. Be attached to a local church to further develop links between schools and local churches.

This is a salaried programme, based on an NQT salary for 3 days a week plus pension. In addition we will cover the cost of their study. While this ministry is located in Derbyshire our prayer is that churches around the country will see this as an investment, not only through the impact of tours and media produced, but also in graduates being able to return to their home churches to start new ministries reaching families with the good news of Jesus.