Mission to Dendros

“Michael Tinker’s new album, Mission To Dendros, blasts off on an imaginative, madcap outer-space voyage that will take your kids on a close encounter with a galaxy of bible stories, verses, truths and songs.”
Colin Buchanan

“Christians are not always known for their creativity, wit and sense of fun. But Michael Tinker has all three in spades. What’s more, he and his gifted gang really help us get deeper into the word. What more can you want in a recording?!”
Mark Meynell

“Michael’s truthful tunes are mashed up with zany characters and mirthful misadventures in a delightfully whacky package that somehow shares goofiness with Good News.”
S.D. Smith (The Green Ember series)

Are you ready to blast off on another adventure?

On this, his fourth album, Michael is joined by the quirky crew of the JBI Starship ‘Juniper’. Captained by Archibald the Explorer, they’re hurtling through space on the way to the planet Dendros. Which incidentally is just enough time to get through 14 brand new songs about Jesus!

Discover God’s promises to Abraham and how the story of David points to Jesus; have deep truths embedded in little hearts through those precious words ‘But God…’; learn that the whole of the Bible (66 books worth!) is about Jesus; hear the wonderful news that God is planning the most amazing party ever and much, much more…

Co-written by Tim Chester (author of over 30 books including ‘Meals with Jesus’,  and ‘You Can Change’) and featuring 14x Grammy Award Winner Ron Block, this is an album full of fun, excitement and deep truths about Jesus which is sure to get the whole family singing.

Touring as a live family show for all ages throughout the UK and abroad.
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The Show

The Story

As the JBI Starship Juniper hurtles through space heading on a mission to the Planet Dendros, you’d think that the crew would just be twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the real adventure to begin. But things don’t stay quiet long…

Join the crew as they encounter the wonderful truth that the whole Bible is about Jesus. Discover what ‘grace’ really means and how it’s woven into the fabric of every story in God’s Word.

A show for all the family. Full of fun, songs, silliness and Jesus.

The Deal

We set the fee depending on the country and whether or not it’s one off show (contact us for details). The fee includes expenses. We normally ask for accommodation and a meal.

Michael brings all of his own props, AV equipment (for UK shows) and music. Advertising designs are also provided to churches. All we need from you is someone to run the merchandise store and some enthusiastic participants!

Statement of Faith

We ask that host churches have or are able to agree to the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith (found here). This reflects Michael’s own convictions and therefore the content of the show, and also ensures there is an alignment of purpose and belief between Michael and the host church.

If you find you are not able to agree to this, you are still very welcome to come to a show in your area and bring along whoever you would like!