Donate to the kids ministry




Perhaps you’ve clicked on this because you’ve been loving the songs and want to find out how you can help.
Perhaps you’ve clicked because you actually wanted the mug, but at the last second you noticed some jam you had dropped on your computer earlier and in your haste to wipe it off you shifted the mouse and ended up on this page.
Perhaps you just love Jesus, love kids and want to help those kids that you love find out about the Jesus you love.

Either way – I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve put this on here as a quick and easy way to donate to the work I do. If you specifically want to help get one of the singles for 2021 made, then head over to the ‘sponsor a song‘ page. But if you’d just like to chip in, help feed my family as I work with schools, make music and videos and head around the country sharing the wonderful news of Jesus with children and their families, then this is the place for you.


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