God’s Great BIG Awesome Promises! (Book)


A book tracing God’s promises from creation to the new heaven on the new earth. For 8-11yr olds!

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This book has been specially produced for the new Contagious Adventure camp for 8-11yr olds…

BUT we have some that you can buy here!**

This book goes through the Bible story 4 times. In each chapter we trace a promise made by God from creation to the new creation. Discover how ALL of God’s promises are YES in Jesus. A wonderful way to get to know the Bible story and how it all fits together, as well as getting to know the God behind it all who loves us and wants us to be part of his family.

82 pages helping children understand the story of the Bible with cartoons, questions to dig deeper, tricky words explained and codes to break! Each book also comes with a colourful Bible timeline bookmark based on the section headings to help navigate through the story.

** We discovered a potential mistake on page 60 when retelling the story Luke 7:11-17. Although not stated in the passage, it’s believed by scholars that the widow and her son are Jewish, not Gentile as stated in the book. So we’ve discounted this particular print run by 50% and we’ll also send you a different Bible story to print off and put in the book on that page.













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