Sing-along sheet Day 1 to 47




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Day 1: It’s All About Grace // Jesus Wins
Day 2: Relentless Love // Mr Grumpy
Day 3: Jesus is the Hero // Come and See

Day 4: Restaurant of Life // Can anything separate us from God’s Love? Non!
Day 5: Father to the Fatherless // This is how we know what love is
Day 6: But God // Are you listening to the Word

Day 7: God’s Special Son // His Name is…
Day 8: Follow the Map // He Turns My Tomb into A Bed

Day 9: God vs Baal // Talk to Him
Day 10: Boom! // There’s a Party Coming Soon
Day 11: May My Mind // J.E.S.U.S.
Day 12: Don’t Worry // There’s Nothing You Can Do
Day 13: Donkey Riding

Day 14: Don’t Ever play Tiddlywinks with a Lion
Day 15: Lovingly Made // 66 Books in the Bible
Day 16: I’ve Got a Secret // As for Me and My House

Day 17: The Rock Went a Rolling // Jesus Wins

Day 18: Everyone Seems Normal (til you know them) // Mr Grumpy Song
Day 19: It’s All About Grace // Have You Seen the Sign?
Day 20: God’s Kingdom Is Here // One! you have to be forgiven
Day 22: Fish out of Water // He’s Turned My Tomb Into A Bed
Day 23: We Will Follow // Love is Patient

Day 23: Are you listening to the Word//Pigs in the Mud
Day 24: POWER//66 Books in the Bible
Day 25: Great Land//Jacob had 12 sons
Day 26: I’ll Cling to the Word of God//Whatever is True
Day 27: Dear Daddy//Pirates Shout!

Day 28: I am the Light of the World // Boom!
Day 29: Can anything Separate us from God’s Love? // Relentless Love
Day 30: 66 Books in the Bible // I Know this ‘cos I’ve been told
Day 31: Jesus is better than Santa // The King has arrived
Day 32: Jesus is the Resurrection // O Mary Don’t You Weep

Day 33: Jesus is the Resurrection // This is Faith
Day 34: God vs Baal // Pigs in the Mud
Day 35: He’s Turned My Tomb into a Bed // Look up, not in
Day 36: Restaurant of Life // Jesus is better than Santa
Day 37: Boom! // The Topsy Turvy Kingdom

Day 37: Restaurant of Life // Be Strong and Courageous
Day 38: All About Grace // Jesus is Better than Santa
Day 39: Relentless Love // Becoming a Christian
Day 40: Wonderful Counsellor // Let your Light Shine
Day 41: There’s a Party Coming Soon // You Gotta Love Your Neighbour

Day 42: As For Me And My House // Jesus Wins
Day 43: Don’t Ever Play Tiddlywinks with a Lion // Mr Grumpy Song
Day 44: Great Land // I am the Light of the World
Day 45: The Rock Went a Rolling // I want the Power
Day 46: Boom!! // Follow the Map

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