Sing-along sheet Day 1 to 8




Here’s your free download so you can singalong with Michael!

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Remember to also send Michael your questions and he and Mr Grumpy can (attempt to) answer them!

If you want to listen to the songs before hand, head to Spotify or download the albums via the shop.

Day 1: It’s All About Grace // Jesus Wins
Day 2: Relentless Love // Mr Grumpy
Day 3: Jesus is the Hero // Come and See

Day 4: Restaurant of Life // Can anything separate us from God’s Love? Non!
Day 5: Father to the Fatherless // This is how we know what love is
Day 6: But God // Are you listening to the Word

Day 7: God’s Special Son // His Name is…
Day 8: Follow the Map // He Turns My Tomb into A Bed

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