7-Part Audio Drama


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Mission to Dendros – the Audio Adventure!!

A christian adventure full of laughs, danger, excitement and lessons; ‘Mission to Dendros’ is great for all the family.

Join Michael and the crew of the JBI Starship Juniper as they go on a 7 episode adventure deep into space.

Something is wrong on the planet Dendros and the Founder is concerned. He loves all his planets and wants the best for them. But the people of Dendros have decided to cut off contact. And that never goes well…

JBI Space Agent, Michael is sent to investigate. Can he find out what’s wrong? Can he bring the people back to their senses?

Helping Michael (or possibly hindering…) is the captain of the Juniper, Archibald, 1st Mate Septima (who keeps everything in order), security chief Igor, Chief Engineer Dr Von Pomplenickel (yes – we’re still not sure if his doctorate is real either) and of course… Mr Grumpy.

Will their mission succeed? There’s only one way to find out… buckle up, download and join us on a Mission toooooo Dendros!

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