You’re Loved (Single)




A side: You’re Loved (featured in the ‘Adventures of the Juniper’ TV series)

B side: Come and See (2021)

You can download here or through bandcamp:

“I wrote this song for a character in the series, Septima, who feels she needs to earn her place on the starship, even to the point of doing jobs that don’t need doing! She learns the wonderful truth that she’s loved because… she’s loved! That’s how God treats us. This is also a song, I found, for myself. After years in a church where I thought I needed to perform to be accepted, I need this truth more than ever.”

“Come and See has been given a revamp. This is partly because I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the original verse 2 – the way we had written it felt like we were laying all the blame for the woman at the well’s situation at her feet. I don’t think this is fair or right, so I rewrote it to give a little more nuance to her situation. Yes, she was looking in the wrong place for life (and needed to look to Jesus, who could give living water) but also she would have been a victim of others. I hope you like the new version.”


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