In September 2017 Michael got involved with ‘MAST’ – the Matlock Area Schools Trust. Through them he now goes into 42 (and counting) schools each half term in the Peak District and beyond.

“I’ve known Michael for many years and love his enthusiasm for the gospel and for reaching children with the gospel. He’s a great song-writer, performer and Bible teacher. But he also combines these with energy, warmth and humour. In my experience the combination is a sure-fire winner with children. As a result children really do ‘get the message’.”

Tim Chester

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The Vision

Initially the main focus of my work will be delivering assemblies and building strong links in 45 schools each half term. These assemblies will last about 15 minutes. I will bring my usual array of crazy characters, songs and multimedia that help bring the Bible to life for the children and teachers.

However we want the work to go beyond assemblies. Longer term my vision is:

  • To resource schools in order to enrich the experience of young people as they explore Christianity; as part of their Religious Education or extra curricular clubs
  • To support churches across the wider Derbyshire area; equipping leaders and parents to teach the bible creatively and effectively to their young people
  • To support the growth of a new church in Bakewell (for the whole Peak District).  By enthusing young people with the contagious good news of Jesus in school, it is envisaged that this will lead to parents and children exploring Christ further in the context of God’s people

How To Get Involved

Prayer is vital for any work so I’ll be sending a monthly prayer bulletin to supporters.

Contact me to join the prayer list.

Financial Support
We need to raise £20,000 each year.

We’ve raised some money, but we’re still about £400 per month short of our target. Could you help?

Contact me to find the best way to support the work.

Invite me to visit
I would love to come and share the vision with your church. I could speak at a service or a mission evening… or perhaps do a show!

Contact me to get something in the diary.

Our Story

In 2015 myself, Jo and our children (Eleanor, Jonathan and Benjamin) moved to the Peak District to be involved in planting and revitalising churches. You can find out more hereWe want to see the Peaks transformed as people come to know Jesus.

Although driving through the Peaks you will see a wealth of church buildings, many of them are now merely a monument to the past. Bringing good Bible education to schools will be a huge step forward in changing that.

Over the last 4 years I have been producing the Inspector Smart series.

Supported by the likes of the Good Book Company and 10ofthose publishers, this is an outreach project for children that includes songs, CDs, DVDs, Books, online resources and live shows. I have taken the show overseas and have more tours in the pipeline.

The shows are a fun-packed way to give the children rich theology in an accessible and memorable way. It has been a huge success both in church settings and schools.

My experience in delivering these shows and our desire to plant in the Peaks makes the work with MAST an obvious step to take.