Will you partner with us to help develop theologically informed and
biblically equipped creative artists to reach children and families with the gospel?

We have an incredible opportunity to develop a new generation of performing artists to share the gospel in schools.

Based in Derbyshire, this programme will combine rigorous theological study, mentoring and professional development with practical outreach opportunities in schools, on tour and in media production.

Not only will this have immediate impact in Derbyshire, but it will also lay the ground work for similar ministries around the country and even the world.

We need to raise £50,000 per year to fund this ministry
How can this be done?

For less than an espresso a week…

40 people giving £10 a month can fund 148 school visits reaching around 1,850 children every year.

For the price of pizzas for the family…

14 people giving £50 a month can fund two trainees through a
full MA course!

For the price of
a  meal out…

10 people giving £25 a month can fund 88 school visits reaching up to 1,110 children.

A gift of £5000

Just 6 people can fully fund
two trainees
through their first year.

Get in touch if you’d like details of how to give, or download the pdf at the top of the page

Taking theology seriously

This is a training scheme that takes understanding the Bible really seriously. Trainees will spend two days a week, over 4 years studying through Crosslands Seminary, resulting in an MA in Christian Ministry.

Theological training ‘on the job’ will mean that trainees are able to immediately apply what they are studying, honing their skills in presenting deep truths of the Bible in simple ways to children. We want to commit 4 years to each trainee as we believe it is important to thoroughly equip our workers so they can provide the best teaching possible for our young people.

Taking art seriously

God deserves our best in everything. Music and drama are wonderful ways to connect the gospel to young lives. To this end we will be seeking out candidates who have already been trained to a professional level in the performing arts either through colleges or experience. We want actors and musicians who are committed to giving their best artistically. We will provide ongoing professional development workshops.

Trainees will have the opportunity to develop wider skills in producing media (albums, videos etc) as well as touring shows that will serve the wider church.

Taking children seriously

Children are made in the image of God. We want to give them every opportunity to hear from the Bible, inviting them to meet Jesus for themselves and to become part of his family.

We want to develop highly skilled performing artists who are equally skilled in their handling of the Bible so they can teach the whole counsel of God in simple and understandable ways to young people.

Taking the wider mission field seriously

We long for this to be a resource to the wider church family, being a place that creative artists from around the country can come, be trained, and then return, setting up new works among young people.

We will initially take on two trainees. The aim will be to add two more in year 3 of the programme.

The project is currently overseen by the Matlock Area School’s Trust trustee body. Find out more at

How can you partner with us?

Please join our prayer list at

Regular financial support means we can plan for the future, paying our workers appropriate wages for their work, and investing in gospel ministry not only for the Peak District, but the wider church.

The Tinker family

Michael J Tinker is married to Jo and they have 3 children – Eleanor, Jonathan and Benjamin.

They have lived in the Peak District since 2015 and in that time Michael has regularly gone into over 50 schools taking assemblies and RE sessions, released 3 new family albums, toured all over the country and abroad reaching thousands of children with the gospel. Michael also works for Contagious Ministries, running the new ‘Adventure’ summer camp for 8-11 year olds.

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