So… you’re interested in helping us with our mission?

Well you’ve come to the right place…

We’ve teamed up with Rocketfuel to make it easier for you to support the work monthly AND get loads of goodies. It’s a cross between a supporters portal and a fan club for kids! (If you’d prefer a way to give directly without benefits please get in touch).

Head over to the page now to see what’s on offer… or read on…

What is it?

Basically you can sign up for as little as £1 a month. Each level offers different benefits. With some you get an album downloads and with higher levels you get CDs, and 50% off at the shop.

Why Rocketfuel?

Rocketfuel enables us to offer you a flexible membership. You can sign up for just a month, or for a year, or for 10 years! You can cancel at anytime. However the longer you stay, the more you can enjoy and the more music and resources we can make. Win, win!

What will I be supporting exactly?

I always want to create the best music and videos that I can. I’m keen to pay my producer, musicians, actors, writers, artists and crew the wage that they deserve. But it is a costly business! An industry standard these days would be to spend about £10-20,000 creating an album. Oh, and my children need feeding too!

Current monthly support means that I can put aside a day a week to be writing songs, recording podcasts, writing live-action video series… We then launch crowdfunding campaigns to fund the other costs of the specific projects. However, the more I can raise monthly, the more content I can be creating through the year… for you!

For instance, if 10 more people join on Level 5 we can commission another audio adventure serial like ‘Mission to Dendros‘. If 50 more people were to join we’d be able to commission an animated music video EVERY MONTH like ‘There’s a Party Coming Soon‘!

So what am I waiting for?

A very good question… Head over to our page now and get involved!

What if I just want to make a one-off gift?

First off all… thank you!

We’ve made a way for people to sponsor a song. To actually record a song it costs about £300. This would be a great way to make a one-off gift.

Check it out here.