Michael Tinker 13

Michael J Tinker is a multi-faceted musician.
He has recorded multiple folk and children’s albums and can currently be seen touring his Family Show around the UK and abroad.

Michael is probably best known for his Christian music for families. Crossing musical genres he packs his songs full of truth, humour and fun. Michael has released 6 kids albums to date and tours throughout the year bringing the joy and excitement of the Bible to families around the world.

As well as producing music Michael has also starred in an audio drama written by James Cary (to go alongside his 4th kids album ‘Mission to Dendros’), a 6-episode live-action show, has written books, voiced audio books for adults and kids and has his own podcast for families.

Michael has done extensive work in SEND Schools and Care Homes through Live Music Now, including a year long residency at a SEND school in Sheffield.

Michael is a committed Christian and his faith plays a central role in all his music making, even if the songs are not always explicitly about God. “We’re created to be creators” says Michael. “Every time we create – whether it’s a piece of music, a work of art, a landscaped garden or even a pie – we reflect the one who made us and what we were made for – that’s why it feels so good!”

Delivered with “guitar-plucking [that] evokes the celestial qualities of a harp” (Sheffield Telegraph) and even solo voice, his songs will make you think, laugh and maybe even shed a tear.

Michael has always been involved in the performance of music, from Jazz to blues, folk to choral singing. More recently Michael has settled in the traditional folk world, growing from his passion for songs that tell good stories.

Michael has supported the likes of BellowheadMartin SimpsonLucy Ward, Ewan McLennan and the Albion Band, has performed with BBC Folk Award nominee Katriona Gilmore and Damien O’Kane and worked with folk-legend Bill Leader on his 2012 album. This has undoubtedly shaped his present direction and choice of songs, veering increasingly towards the wealth of traditional songs from the British Isles and beyond. 2013-14 saw Michael perform around the country including dates in London, Cambridge, Birmingham, Norwich, Bradford and Sheffield. In 2013 he released a single with Damien O’Kane entitled ‘Shenandoah’ and a full album was released with his trio, Bright Season, in 2014.

2014 also saw the release of his major project ‘Songs for the Voiceless’ (4**** The Guardian, R2, The Telegraph, Maverick Magazine), which featured Bella HardyJosienne ClarkeGilmore&Robertsthe Young’unsIan Stephenson and Tom Oakes. Produced by Andy Bell. The album was toured in November 2014 and welcomed Jackie Oates to the band.

Having largely taken a break from this to focus on his music for children, Michael has released his 10th album called ‘When There Are No Words‘ and honest and raw reflection on grief and hope in light of his own Dad’s death in 2021. This album is produced by Jamie Evans.