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‘We weren’t sure what to expect with this event, we loved the idea, but songs on the theme of grief, sounded tough as well as helpful! But persist we did, and what followed was an evening richly knit together with sensitivity, deep theology and hope. I came away from the evening with words of appreciation from across our church family. Strongly recommended.’ (Grace Church, Ryde)

Michael J Tinker presents a reflective evening exploring grief and hope through song. By taking us on his own journey through grief in light of his father’s death in 2021, he invites us to reflect on our own journeys, giving space to do so. The songs also help us consider how we can pastor others facing loss, showing how the gospel calls us to grieve with hope.

‘An engaging and moving evening of live music. Highly professional, very impressive, and much enjoyed. The first thing someone said was ‘Can we book them again for next year’. I felt the same. Michael’s songs encourage and strengthen the faith while engaging the hearts of those who have yet to turn to Christ. Many were moved and profoundly thankful for his ministry.’ (St Mary’s Wollaton, Nottingham)

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