Singing ‘bout my Generation

Returning with full hearts and minds from this year’s cracking Growing Young Disciples Conference we wanted to share some songs that we hope will help disciple Generation Z…

(You can listen on our Spotify playlist

God’s Kingdom Is Here (Michael and the Topsy Turvy Kingdom)

Each morning we were blessed by Sam Gibb taking us through the Beatitudes in Matthew 5. Here’s a song all about them!

Who I Am (All Together Now)

Don’t It Blow Your Mind (Your Word)

You Are Lovingly Made (Michael and the Topsy Turvy Kingdom)

These three songs all speak about our identity. As Mel Lacy took us through what are the characteristics of ‘Gen Z’ so much revolves around identity – being your ‘authentic self’. But what is my ‘true’ self? These songs take us to the heart of biblical teaching on identity.

Everyone Seems Normal – ’til you know them (Mission to Dendros)

Gen Z are becoming known as ‘liars’. Not truly saying what they believe, but instead saying what they think others want to hear. It’s also a generation that has multiple fronts through social media, school, home, church etc. This song looks at how everyone might appear ‘normal’ as they present a happy exterior, but in reality we are all broken. The wonderful news is that God still loves us, and is going to make us truly ‘normal’ – like his Son.

We are the Church (All Together Now)

Gen Z is described as ‘Generation Lonely’. Constantly scrolling through people’s feeds rather than making connections with people. What good news the church is as they crave authentic community.

Relentless Love (Mission to Dendros)

In one of the sessions Sam talked about how God forgives 77 times, or 70×7. This song is about that passage.

Jesus Wins (Michael and the Topsy Turvy Kingdom)

He’s Coming Back Again (All Together Now)

Word’s That Say So Much (Your Word)

There’s a Party Coming Soon (Mission to Dendros)

These final four songs look at the ‘now and not yet’ and the return of Jesus. What is striking about Gen Z is how there is an expectation of having things ‘now’. It is all about having on demand, making teaching about waiting for the return of Jesus difficult. We also looked at how we must teach about the physicality of eternity, especially for a generation concerned about the environment (and because it’s true). We’re not going to heaven – we’re going to the new Heaven on the new Earth.

We hope these songs will be helpful to you and your churches! Sing-along videos are available on YouTube at and


Michael, Dan and Jeremy

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