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Adventures of the Juniper – Live Action Series!


Buy our new TV series… on a USB stick! PLUS loads of extras.

When you order the TV series from us, you’ll get a USB stick with all 6 episodes, PLUS ‘Archibald Asks…’, music videos and a stage show recorded live in Hull!

6 live-action episodes aboard the JBI Starship Juniper where Michael, Septima, Captain Archibald, Dr Von Pomplenickel, Igor and, of course, Mr Grumpy, will get up to all sorts of hilarious and meaningful goings on. Each episode will also feature a song.

You can also buy just the series, or individual episodes, on Amazon Video.

A special thank you to JustSow through whom an anonymous donation gave us the seedfunding for this project.

Written by Michael J Tinker, Anna Nicholson, James Cary
Starring Michael J Tinker, Anna Nicholson, Dave S Walker
Directed by Toby Watts

Episode 1: It’s All About Grace

Igor has eaten Mr Grumpy’s very special cake, and Mr Grumpy is not happy (what’s new?!) But Igor is determined to earn back his love. Can he do it? Does he need to do it?

Episode 2: Mr Grumpy

Today is going to be the best day ever… or so Mr Grumpy thinks. When things start to go wrong (involving laser canons, asteroids, an alien spaceship and a golden thermos), Mr Grumpy has a lesson to learn about who’s really in control and how that’s better by far…

Episode 3: You’re Loved

Septima is busy ticking off things on her list… much to the annoyance of the rest of the crew! She’s so determined to be helpful that she’s even fixing things that don’t need fixing yet. But she discovers something wonderful about what it really means to belong.

Episode 4: Jesus is Better Than Santa

It’s Christmas Eve and Mr Grumpy has just realised that he’s been grumpy… all year! He’s got to do something quickly to get onto Santa’s nice list, with hilarious consequences. Thankfully God has a list too, but it’s a bit different…

Episode 5: There’s a Party Coming Soon

Septima is having a birthday party and everyone is invited… except, so he thinks, Captain Archibald. He’ll stop at nothing to get into the party, with hilarious results!

Episode 6: Relentless Love

In spite of the crew being truly inept they are somehow up for the Founder’s Faithful Service Award! Until Archibald accidentally sends a blooper reel of all their mistakes and failings to the Founder himself… Will they have the reward taken away? Or worse, will they be banished forever for their failure??


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