Michael’s BIG Bible Questions/Mr Grumpy’s Joke of the Day Book


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Out in time for Christmas stockings we present a double book!

Read it from one end and you get 50 jokes sent in by children and families who have been watching the livestream.

Read it from the other end and you get 10 BIG Bible Questions that children have asked.

Size: A6
Pages: 32pp

BIG Bible Questions:

  1. Why did God make the tree in the garden of Eden, if he knew Adam and Eve would eat the fruit from it? If God knew that we would sin, why didn’t he stop it before Adam and Eve messed it up? (From the Milward family)
  2. Why do we have to sin all because of Adam and Eve who first sinned? (From the Lamb family)
  3. Does God love everyone, or just Christians? (From Joshua)
  4. Why did Jesus choose to die on the cross? (From the Jamison family)
  5. How do we know what Jesus is doing in heaven when we can’t see him? Is he sitting down? (From Isabelle)
  6. What will the New Earth will look like? (From Ethan)
  7. Does God always answer prayers? (From the Hutton Family)
  8. Why didn’t everyone build an ark when Noah was building his ark? (From Rosie)
  9. In the perfect garden of Eden Adam and Eve were naked and ‘knew no shame’. If God is making a perfect new earth/heaven like the garden of Eden, why are all the visions of heaven of people clothed in white?  )From the Bunker family)
  10. Jesus died on the cross and took away sin – then why do we still sin? (From Imogen)

With thanks to the families and children who shared the jokes included in this book during the Michael J Tinker live streams of 2020:
1. Zach, 2. Seth, 3. Joshua, 4. The Barfield Family, 5. Chloe,  6. The Horrobin Family, 7. The Ellis Family, 8. Miriam, 9. The Shanks Family, 10. The Salter Family, 11. The Fouries family, 12. Micah, Levi and Ebyn, 13. Ruth, 14. The Brewis Family, 15. Matthew, 16. South Darley CE Primary School, 17. The Hutton Family, 18. The Brook Family, 19. The Martin Family, 20. The Pugh Family, 21. The Murray Family, 22. The Bunker Family, 23. Noah, Beth and Toby, 24. The Varghese Family, 25. Abi, 26. Elijah, 27. The Jones Family, 28. Bea, 29. Joseph, 30. The Brewis Family, 31. Isaac, 32. Annie-Rose, 33. James, 34. Jason, 35. The Milward Family, 36. The Gilmore Family, 37. Faith, 38. Naomi, 39. Daniel, 40. Eliana and Keziah Bishop, 41. Emma, 42. Joss, 43. Jemima, 44. Timmy, 45. The Adshead Family, 46. The Murphy Family, 47. Autumn, 48. The Lawson Family, 49. The Jamison family, 50. Cerys

(Before printing we’re looking to match up some surnames if you’d like them to be included, so please get in touch to help us out!)


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