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The Greatest Rescue Ever


Join Inspector Smart and Mikey on their latest exciting mission.

Hold tight as you head off on a fun–filled, full–tilt mysterious musical mission with Inspector Smart and Mikey to uncover God’s truth and sing, dance and celebrate the wonder of Jesus: The Greatest Rescuer Ever…
Colin Buchanan

Lord Bernard has a problem… Someone is in need of rescuing. The problem is he doesn’t know who needs rescuing or why.

He’s also heard that someone is going to mount a daring rescue operation – the most daring and dangerous of all time! The problem is he doesn’t know who’s going to do the rescuing or how.

Along the way they meet a host of new characters and old favourites such as Archibald the Explorer, Diego and Lopez, Dr Von Pomplenickel and the lovable Igor. Your feet will be tapping and your hearts singing as they find out wonderful truths about King Jesus and the GREATEST RESCUE EVER!

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